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community centre

Welcome to the Hacienda Riquelme Community Centre & Information Office website, providing information for owners, and renters, on the resort. 

In the top left-hand corner of this page, there are drop-down menus  which lead to pages of information, which may be of interest. There
are links, in bold, which will lead to further information / other websites etc.

The Community Centre (The old Resortalia Office) is located near
the resort entrance. The centre is open a few days per week, from
10.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon. As it is staffed by volunteers, who are
mainly residents, it is not possible for it to open every day. If you
have a couple of hours to spare whilst here, please come in and
say “hello” and, if possible, volunteer to help out. It’s easy to do and
you will be given assistance to help you get going. 

There is a selection of books, DVDs, CDs and magazines. You can
choose to purchase any of these items. Or if you wish you can
exchange any item. There is always a need for books, CDs etc -
both in English and Spanish! There is tourist information and useful
leaflets available for you. Additionally there is a laptop and a printer
for your use. Internet access is free. We are charging 1.00€ per
photocopy / print, so you can print out your boarding cards. 


To enhance your experience, Google Chrome is recommended as your default web browser, as some of the links send you to Spanish websites, and these can be easily translated. The website is being updated all the time, so why not keep coming back to us, press Ctrl + D, to save this website as a favourite.