1. Villa Nanitos: near the mud baths of San Pedro, with sporting facilities e.g. windsurfing, kayaking & waterskiing.

2. La Llana: long, sandy, blue flag beach, with foot showers during the main season. Mild water, with some waves
El Espejo: blue flag, sandy beach on the Mar Menor with windsurfing, volleyball & kayaking, with calm waters

4. La Manga: a typical beach of the La Manga stretch,

sandy & pleasant with calm waters
Los Nietos: 4km long grey, sandy beach with showers, lots of restaurants & calm waters

6. Cala Medina / Las Melvas / Levante: small beaches, with slightly wavey water, ranging from sand to gravel to rock, great all-round beaches. There are restaurant services and some good opportunities for snorkeling

7. Cala de las Mulas: nudist beach, fine sands & no services

8. Cala Cortina: a calm sandy beach with toilets and showers, and a lifeguard service

9. El Portus: quiet, sandy beach, showers, difficult to reach

10. Salitrona: short, sandy beach, only accessible by boat / foot

11. La Caleta and San Ginés: gravel / sand beaches with calm waters & some facilities e.g. showers & a few cafes and shops

12. El Rihuete and Puerto de Mazarrón: sandy beaches, with plenty of local shops and restaurants

13. Las Covaticas: sand and gravel beach, which are great for snorkeling. Some of the coves in this area are frequented by nudists

14. Baño de las Mujeres and El Ciscar: a pair of quiet, short beaches offer great fishing as well as swimming & snorkeling. 

15. Las Pulgassand / gravel, quiet, with no facilities  

16. Fraile: accessible by foot, with good clear water for snorkelling