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If you like castles or forts, then the Guns of Mazarrón is the place to go. Like most forts, Mazarrón is situated high up in the hills, and overlooks the bay. The road leading up to it is quite narrow and in some places is single track only. 


Mazarrón fort, which is near to Cartegena, (which itself is a naval base), is a must for views. The fort, (also known as Veles Castle) which was in use until the 1930's  has a commanding view over the Mediterranean Sea. The main feature being giant guns pointing outwards, which were built in England in the early 1920's. These guns were never fired in anger and only once for testing.   


Directions: Take the RM E22 from Cartegena to Isla Plana. Turn onto RM E23. Go through Campillo de Adentro and follow the road to "la batería."


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